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Why Ester-C?

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for the body, but that is not to say that all vitamins are not important. What does vitamin C do for you and your body? For starters, vitamin C helps your body to stave off all kinds of diseases. These diseases can range from infections to viruses. As you probably know it was the sailors so many years ago that helped us to realize the importance of vitamin C in our diet. The sailors did not have any citrus fruits and they began to lose their hair, become very tired and get gum disease. This disease was caller “Scurvy” and it is caused by the lack of vitamin C. This is without a doubt a very important supplement. Vitamin C also acts as an antihistamine, helping to prevent allergic reactions in the body.

Support Your Immune System

This antioxidant will improve your immune system, prevent inflammation, wards off infection and viruses, and supplies the body with the chemicals it needs to help the body process a diverse diet. Studies have shown that is may help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, Autoimmune Diseases, and help with problems with the circulatory system. Again, I cannot state how important this vitamin is for your body.

Ester-C is an amazing breakthrough vitamin C formula that helps your body to absorb vitamin C better. This will ensure that the vitamin C is effectively carried to the white blood cells (which are an important part of our immune system) at a more efficient rate. Ester-C is specially designed to stay in your white blood cells and be there when it is needed; the white blood cells are a very integral part of the immune system.  What is Ester C? It is a calcium ascorbate, an exclusive form of vitamin C that supports a healthy heart and helps to maintain healthy skin and gums.

Ester-C is a patented formula designed for 24 hour immune system support, to be easy on the stomach, easier to absorb, and it only needs to be taken once a day. Many times I have listen to someone tell me that vitamin C upsets their stomachs and I recommend they try Ester C. The Ester-C vitamin supplement is designed to be gentle on the stomach, neutralizing the ph making it non acidic. This makes Ester C a great choice for those of us that have sensitive stomachs.

Keep your immune system working at its’ best all the time with Ester-C, it is exclusive and unlike any other vitamin C supplement on the market. It helps to neutralize the cell damaging free radicals in your system; I know that we all know about the “free radicals” and how they work to cause aging, and cancer.

Ester C vitamin is unparalleled in it’s’ composition, it contains metabolites. Vitamin C metabolites are essential to humans and other mammals. These metabolites help the body to absorb vitamin C by the white blood cells. It is proven that the body stores vitamin C (for about 24 hours) and when you are sick the vitamin C is used at a faster rate. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, this means that it will only stay in your system for 24 hours and then it must be replenished. Ester C has a very high concentration of metabolites this is to boost the vitamin C in your immune cells.

Ester-C Vitamin C Coated Tablets 500 mg 60 ct

Ester-C, Natural Immunity Boosters
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Stay Healthy and Prevent Premature Aging

It is true that your immune system never takes a vacation, so it is important that your support it as much as you can. This outstanding product gives you a potent antioxidant along with the great benefits of vitamin C. Not to mention how gentle it is on your stomach.

Ester C has so many wonderful qualities, not only does it enhance the effects of the vitamin C but it supports healthy blood flow and circulation, forms the molecular basis for healthy skin, helps form collagen, supports healthy joints and connective tissue, helps with oxidative stress, premature aging of the skin cells, and assists in the absorption of iron.

This is an all around excellent choice. The benefits of Ester C are amazing and stand for themselves. Add this to your health care regime now, support your immune system, feel healthier, and look healthier with Ester C. You will be happy with the results! Your body needs the support; don’t wait another minute to make this positive change in your life.

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